Introduction To Male Enhancement

At Dr. Daniel Moghadam M.D. we understand that male enhancement is a sensitive, delicate, discreet, and very private matter to discuss and treat. Our trained Cosmetic Surgeons and staff understand this well and keep all information confidential.

There are many types of male enlargement treatments available today, including surgical and non-surgical methods.

The cosmetic physicians at Dr. Moe Bigger utilize minimally invasive permanent medical procedures for Penile Shaft, Penile Glans (Head of Penis), and Scrotal Enhancement treatments. These minimally invasive procedures are discussed in more detail below.

Why is a minimally invasive technique superior to the very invasive surgical methods available today? Very simple, it is much safer, and this is what patients prefer.

In addition, the minimally invasive technique is much safer, but builds your own natural collagen for the enlargement process, and this newly formed collagen is permanent.

What is the goal of a Male Enhancement treatment? The answer is simple, to get larger. Why do men want to get larger? The majority of men want to get larger to not only ‘feel’ more during intercourse, but excite and stimulate their partner to a greater degree…and ultimately have the self-esteem and confidence they have been longing for.

Why would a larger penis stimulate an orgasm with greater intensity and frequency? The answer involves knowing the vaginal (and anal) anatomy.

Note that the vaginal and anal anatomy are, in general, similar regarding broad structural concept and neural networking, which is discussed below.

  • The image above demonstrates the average range of penile girth, (the two models on the left) and the recommended range of penile girth enlargement for maximal sexual stimulation (the two models on the right).

    The vaginal anatomy, and all portions associated with sexual intercourse, include the outer visible portion, and the internal non-visible portion. The outer visible portion of the vagina includes the labia (or outer skin area), vaginal opening itself, and the clitoris, which is a small mass of tissue just above the vaginal opening. The internal non-visible portion of the vagina includes the vaginal canal and the uterus or cervix, which lies at the very end of the vaginal canal – kind of like causing a ‘dead end’ street to the vaginal canal.

  • The nerves involved, which initiate and stimulate orgasms, do not solely exist in the clitoris and the so-called mysterious G-spot somewhere in the vaginal canal, as many would think. The nerves involved with sexual stimulation involve a tremendous network of nerves that branch within the vaginal walls themselves, in addition to the clitoris.

    Now, when one knows this, you will now understand why one with a larger penile girth (with even a normal size penile erect length of 5-6 inches) will stimulate more intense and frequent orgasms than a 10 inch long penis with a normal girth size.

    Keep in mind that the psychological component to sexual stimulation is significant. When one is sexually aroused, these neural networks within the vaginal ‘organ’ could be ‘hyper’ sensitive resulting in a more intense and frequent orgasm.

  • Why would a thicker penis stimulate much more than a longer penis? When one has intercourse it is the girth that rubs along the vaginal walls, and if one has a ‘normal’ girth, the stimulation will be ‘normal’.

    However, when one increases the penile girth (or thickness) the penile shaft is now rubbing along all four walls of the vaginal canal, stimulating much more intense and frequent orgasms simply due to the physical contact of the penile shaft on all the nerves in all four of the vaginal walls.

    The image above demonstrates the location of the vaginal opening for intercourse and the location of the clitoris on the upper pole of the vaginal opening.

  • General Male and Female Anatomy

    The images above demonstrate the typical male anatomy and the female anatomy. Note that the vaginal canal is only so long or deep. At the end of the vaginal canal is the organ called the uterus, which during intercourse, if the penile length is too long, there may be pain.

    The so-called ‘G-spot’ is this proposed mysterious area somewhere in the vaginal canal that causes orgasms in women. However, the only reason it is mysterious is because not many men can stimulate the vaginal walls (G-spot) effectively due to inadequate girth.

    The ‘G- Spot’ is actually not a ‘spot’ at all, but involves the entire vagina with its extensive network of nerves on the outer and inner portions of the vagina and vaginal canal. When one increases the penile girth size, these vaginal walls will ‘feel’ much more of the penile shaft which will result in greater and more frequent orgasms. So, as you can see, it is primarily about girth, not the length of the penis that is much more important and significant regarding the stimulation of orgasms.

  • For those who have anal intercourse, the same girth enlargement scenario applies, causing stimulation of the anal canal in a similar fashion.
    Below is a list of most procedures offered in the United States, which includes the minimally invasive permanent filler and the invasive surgical treatments for your review.

    This procedure, developed by Dr. Loria, is a minimally invasive medical permanent cosmetic filler treatment. It involves injecting a permanent filler material under the penile skin which causes collagen production resulting in permanent enlargement. The collagen produced is your own natural substance (not foreign material, not someone else’s skin, etc).

  • This newly formed collagen is permanent, and when you achieve your desired size there will be no need for subsequent treatments (unlike many surgical procedures listed below which may need additional procedures to maintain your size over the years).


Our male enhancement procedure does not use general anesthesia, but primarily a topical anesthetic cream. This is the first step in the procedure.


The next step is to make sure the numbing cream has taken full effect, so a lidocaine injection will be administered.


After the insertion of the filler material under the penile skin, a brown stretch gauze wrap is placed as shown.